Root Canal Therapy in Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Anderson, IN

Root Canal Therapy

At Westend Dental we offer affordable root canal therapy. Root canals are tiny passageways that branch off from beneath the top of the tooth, coursing their way vertically downward, until they reach the tip of the root. All teeth have between one and four root canals.
Many tooth problems involve infections that spread to the pulp, which is the inner chamber of the tooth containing blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues. When the infection becomes worse, it can begin affecting the roots. A traumatic injury to a tooth can also compromise the pulp, leading to similar problems.

Signs You Might Require Root Canal Treatment

Though the decision to perform a root canal surgery will ultimately come down to your dentist’s recommendation, there are some telling signs that the procedure might be necessary. For example, you might need a root canal in Westend Dental if you’re experiencing:

  • Significant toothache, particularly when biting down or applying pressure to the area
  • Swollen gums
  • Extended feelings of discomfort when reacting to hot or cold temperatures in the mouth
  • A tooth or multiple teeth that have become discolored

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, we suggest making an appointment with a dental specialist to determine whether you need a root canal procedure.

Root Canal Therapy in Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Anderson, IN

Root Canal Gives Immediate Pain Relief

Root canal therapy is a remarkable treatment with a very high rate of success, and involves removing the diseased tissue, halting the spread of infection and restoring the healthy portion of the tooth. In fact, root canal therapy is designed to save a problem tooth; before the procedure was developed and gained acceptance, the only alternative for treating a diseased tooth was extraction. At Westend Dental we offer affordable Root Canal Therapy.
Contact us today if you have an infected tooth. We can help stop the pain.

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