Bad Breath Treatment in Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Anderson, IN

Bad Breath Treatment in Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Anderson, IN

Halitosis Treatment

Oral health can affect more than just your smile. If you are experiencing chronic bad breath or halitosis, it could be due to dental issues. Bad breath can be a symptom of decay or infection in your mouth, a sign that you need dental care. It is also embarrassing in professional or social interactions, making you feel self-conscious. If you have halitosis, come see us at Westend Dental for general dental care. We can help find the source of your bad breath and offer treatment to give you relief.

There are many oral health issues that can cause halitosis. Decay is one common source, as is an infected tooth. Bad breath can be a symptom of gum disease, resulting in more serious issues than just bad breath. Mouthwash, brushing and other bad breath relief products only mask the issue, if they even help at all. To remedy bad breath, you need effective treatment for the underlying cause.

Treatment for Bad Breath

Treatment for halitosis depends on the cause of the odor. At Westend Dental, we will do a thorough dental exam to determine what is causing your bad breath. If it is decay or infection, Our Doctors will offer treatment solutions to remedy the issue. Once the problem is fixed, routine oral care should be all you need to maintain fresh breath. If there is not an oral health issue present, your halitosis may be stemming from an internal health issue. In that case, Our Doctors will refer you to your general physician for further diagnosis and treatment.

Bad breath is treatable and often a sign of dental health issues. Stop trying to hide halitosis and come see the oral health experts at Westend Dental. We can get to the root of the issue, helping you regain your oral health while putting a stop to your bad breath.Contact us today to schedule your exam.

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