Cracked Tooth Repair in Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Anderson, IN

Cracked Tooth Repair in Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Anderson, IN

Cracked Tooth Repair

A damaged tooth can be painful and can lead to more serious dental issues. Whether it is a small crack or a large portion of the tooth has been lost, our experienced team at Westend Dental can help with general dentistry. Most cracked teeth can be fixed and restored to last for many decades to come. If you have a cracked or damaged tooth, call us right away. We may able to see you today or this week to repair your tooth.

Most people know when they have a cracked tooth. It may be noticeable when you smile or you can feel the crack with your tongue. It also may begin to cause pain, especially when you apply pressure when chewing. You may also notice the tooth is sensitive to heat or cold. But some cracks can go unnoticed. They can be in an unexposed area and may not cause any discomfort. This is another good reason to adhere to a regular exam schedule to catch these cracks when they are small, before they start causing pain or other dental issues.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Once a tooth is damaged, the entire tooth is at risk. Even a tiny crack can allow decay and bacteria to enter the interior of the tooth, leading to major dental issues. Repairing a damaged tooth may be as simple as a quick filling or bonding to fill a crack. For more extensive damage, a dental crown, inlay or onlay may be required to protect and strengthen the tooth structure. When you come in with a damaged tooth, we will evaluate the entire tooth and offer the best solution to repair it to health.

Cracked teeth should never be ignored. If you need to have a damaged tooth repaired, contact us today for an appointment. If it is causing you pain, we offer emergency dental services, including same day appointments.

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