From crooked to straight teeth.

Orthodontics has been moving on at a rapid pace over the last few years. From conventional braces that took 2-3 years to short term ortho and invisible aligners (Invisalign). The options are not limited and the great news is that getting straight teeth has never been easier, faster and more affordable! According to a study, only about 8% of people who are not happy with their smile seek help from their dentist. Moreover, orthodontic advancements over the past 15 years allow persons of any age to correct crooked teeth, close gaps and much more, without those traditional wires and brackets.

Here are some of the most common questions my patients ask

What are the options to get straight teeth?
Braces, retainers, appliances and Invisalign are some of the options for getting the teeth straightened.

What can braces or invisalign achieve ?

Dental braces or clear aligners (Invisalign) can correct the teeth that are crowded, crooked, protruding, out of alignment or have irregular spacing by moving the teeth into the ideal position.

How much time does it take?

Due to the uniqueness of each case and the severity of each malocclusion disorder, there is no set timeframe for orthodontic treatment. The length of treatment is determined by many factors, including the severity of alignment issue, age, health of the teeth, and the specific procedure you need to undergo. Nevertheless, it may take between 6-30 months, or in rare instances longer.

How much will it cost?

Traditional braces can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,500, depending on whether or not you have insurance coverage.

Invisalign – Clear aligners look similar to a mouthguard but work like traditional braces to shift teeth. They are almost invisible and you can eat or drink normally while wearing them. Invisalign may range from $4,000 to $7,000 without insurance.


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